(Free) Lunchtime Session: Introduction to Visual Note Taking (10/2/17)


A lot of us are visual learners, yet somewhere along the way we are taught to stop doodling and bottle up our creative energy.

 Sketchnotes are a great way to unlock your creativity and take your notes to the next level. Sketchnotes help you to synthesise information, clusters ideas and discover patterns in a visually engaging way, combining text, simple images, typography, basic shapes and a number of other visual elements.

 If you are looking for a way of making your meeting notes, journal entries or even your shopping lists more engaging come along to this taster session for a bitesize Sketchnote masterclass led by Marcus Pibworth of the Brighton (and Happy Startup School) based M.I.Scribe.

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This is part of the Free Lunch Time Sessions taking place in the Happy Startup School Clubhouse every week along with a host of other events and a vibrant co-working community. Come along to find out more :)