How To Tell Your Story Visually (14/2/17)

Ever since our earliest caveman ancestors daubed paintings on the walls of their caves, humans have been using pictures to tell their unique and compelling stories.

By visualising our own stories we can help to create clarity in our own lives and confidence in communicating our ideas to others, be that on a personal or a business level.

The word ‘visual’ and ‘drawing’ can strike fear in people, but don’t worry, you really don’t need to be an artist to start capturing your story. As long as you can hold a pen you are good to go!

This introduction to visual storytelling will show you how using very simple visuals you can delve into your own personal story.

We will use some simple activities and discussions to draw out the key elements of our own unique stories, and show how our vulnerabilities are what make us human and create the powerful narratives by which we live our lives.

Numbers are very limited so sign up on eventbrite here to secure your place :)